There is a new song on Christian radio that goes like this, “God is on the move, on the move, Hallelujah, God is on the move in many mighty ways.”  I say a hearty Amen to the lyrics of this song.  God is working powerfully in our world.   There is much darkness as terrorists kill innocent people, and in our country we are embroiled in a very heated and intense election year.  But God is sovereign; He is in control; He is winning.  Praise the Lord!

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for DFEA.  I am so grateful to God for the many doors He continues to open for me to preach His Word and train others to make disciples.  I leave in a few days to travel back to South Asia where I will have the privilege of training pastors and Christian workers on how to obey the Great Commission of Jesus to make disciples of all nations.  Again, I am so blessed to be able to go and preach the Gospel to the lost, and train and encourage the people of God in a very dark land.

I recently preached a sermon on the topic of depression.  I am very transparent in this message and share about my own battles with depression and the recent victories God has granted to me through His Word and through a powerful new book entitled The Hope Quotient by Pastor Ray Johnston.  If you or someone you know is struggling with feelings of discouragement, consider giving them a CD of the the message and pray that God uses it for His glory.

The Forshee Family is doing great.  Ashley and I will celebrate her 50th birthday and our 30th wedding anniversary this year by going on an Alaskan cruise.  I am so grateful to God for Ashley and how she helps me in ministry both at GHBC and DFEA.  Hannah is getting married on July 2 to a fine young pastor named Jeffrey Samplaski.  Bryant is serving as an intern at Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas and having a great time.  Leighton is finishing his sophomore year at Dallas Baptist University.  He loves being a DBU Patriot.  Thank You, LORD, for my family!

And thank you again for all your prayers and financial support for DFEA.  When I go back to South Asia I will be able to financially bless pastors because of your generous giving.  Pray for me please.  

God is on the move!

Danny Forshee